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Thursday, August 23, 2012

http://freedomoutpost.com/​2012/08/​gop-2012-national-platform-live​-a-mixed-bag-of-isms-with-a-go​od-dose-of-neocon/ I spent almost ALL DAY writing this article & downed most of a bottle of wine when it was finished close to midnight. Honestly, I was shocked when the gang returned from dinner & I still hadn't finished. Never did have dinner, so that chardonnay had quite an effect! Then, Juanita, I and Marla & Kurt were all over the internet, glued to the weather channel & watching car chase & black ice crash videos & laughing our heads off in rumminess. It was SUCH a hoot! While I was writing (for hours), Kurt was reading EVERY page of the Rules & throwing out possibilities and scenarios that might happen. It is very cool rooming w/a Rules person. We will go w/him today to their welcoming meeting & get our guest credentials. This is all VERY EXCITING & FUN!!!!!

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